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Re: 1.7.5: Problem with dlopen and relative path

On Apr 29 12:39, Mansur Mamkin wrote:
> Hello,
> As I see in source of, dlopen() should override LoadLibrary's automatic adding of a ".dll" suffix,
> but it's behaving strangely
> I have such files: 
> /home/me/project/myexe.exe
> /home/me/project/lib1.dll
> /home/me/project/subdir/lib2.dll
> /home/me/project/subdir/lib3 (without .dll)
> My current directory is /home/me/project/
> I try to use dlopen() in myexe.exe with relative path:
> 1) dlopen("subdir/lib2") - NOT FOUND (If this OK, then why failed dlopen("subdir/lib3")?)

This one is correct.

> 2) dlopen("subdir/lib3") - NOT FOUND (why?)

I couldn't reproduce this one, but...

> 3) dlopen("subdir/lib2.dll") - SUCCESS (works fine)
> 4) dlopen("lib1") - SUCCESS (why it didn't override LoadLibrary's adding ".dll" ?) 

...this one is a bug.  I fixed that in CVS.


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