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Re: New package: makeself-2.1.5-2

On Wed, Apr 28, 2010 at 12:19:27PM -0600, Eric Blake wrote:
> On 04/28/2010 12:12 PM, d.sastre.medina wrote:
> >> 2010/4/28, Lee D. Rothstein:
> >> FWIW, the man page says makeself, not
> > 
> > Fair enough.
> > Two options, then:
> > 
> >         -patching the manpage
> >         -patching the source and the cygport
> > 
> > None of them involve too much work. So now I would like to know (from
> > some authoritative source :)) if a there is a guideline, an unspoken agreement,
> > or a good practice defined regarding the extension of non-binary executables 
> > under /usr/bin.
> Perhaps unspoken, but I prefer suffix-less executables.  Then I don't
> have to care whether they are binary or interpreted scripts.  Besides,
> having a suffix makes it harder to reimplement in a different language
> (for example, suppose someone decided to rewrite makeself in C, python,
> or perl, instead of sh).  So following debian practice of stripping the
> .sh suffix as part of the packaging effort seems reasonable (and in the
> meantime, perhaps you may also want to report this upstream as a bug
> they might want to fix).

I committed several changes:

-Executable files have had their .sh extensions stripped.
-makeself-header moved out of /usr/bin into /usr/share/makeself.
-makeself-2.1.5-3.cygport file modified accordingly.
-README file updated using script provided with upstream sources.

Hopefully I'll RFU tomorrow.

Thanks Lee for the report and Eric for the suggestions.

Best regards.

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