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Re: 'screen' started in detached mode -- cannot reattach

> I start 'screen -d -m MYCOMMAND' and it goes into background, as
> intended. However, I cannot reattach to it, the reattaching 'screen'
> process hangs. It is easy to reproduce:
> sh-3.2# screen -d -m sleep 1000
> sh-3.2# screen -ls
> There is a screen on:
>         1072..rock      (Detached)
> 1 Socket in /tmp/screens/S-abb.
> sh-3.2# screen -r
> ...

Alexandre, thanks for the report.  I've never tried to start screen in
detached mode before, so I never enountered this.  But I can confirm it
here.  For me the results are a little different-- the terminal doesn't
hang, but it stops echoing keyboard input and newlines.  I have to run
'reset' to get it working again.  And after that, screen -ls lists the
detached session as dead.

Clearly this is a bug in screen, and it seems to be specific to Cygwin.  I
can't reproduce it on my Ubuntu host.

Unfortunately, this is likely to be hard to solve.  I don't have the
knowledge or time to debug it myself.  You can report it to the
screen-users mailing list, but since it appears to be Cygwin-specific,
they're likely to send you back here.

Sorry.  There is something about the way screen uses sockets that doesn't
work completely right in Cygwin, and no one has ever figured out what it
is.  Mostly it does work right, and with the release of Cygwin 1.7 I'd
hoped we were done with it.


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