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1.7.5-1: fork throw segfault with g++ 4.3.4


I have identified a reproducible segfault when throwing exceptions in the thrift IPC library under cygwin 1.7.5-1.

An example c++ program is attached which always segfaults on my machine when compiled with g++-4 (4.3.4 20090804) under 1.7.5-1.
I have also attached the stackdump, a standard cygcheck.out, and another more verbose set of testcases.

The issue is similar to the issue described in but in much more specific circumstances.

The segfault happens under the following circumstances:

1. compiled with g++-4 (4.3.4 20090804)
2. compiled/run on cygwin 1.7.5-1
3. fork at least once
4. throw a derived exception class in the child
5. where the derived class contains a std::string member
6. catch std::exception or std::exception&

It can also occur in similar circumstances when catching the derived class, but I have been unable to reproduce this segfault in a simple test program.

The segfault does not occur reproducibly under the following circumstances:

1. compiled with g++-3 (3.4.4)
2. compiled/run on cygwin versions 1.7.1-1 to 1.7.4-1
3. no fork
4. throw in the parent, or throw std::exception, std::string, or const char *
5. where the derived class does not contain a std::string member
6. catch the derived class (can't reproduce in simple test program), or catch(...)

Compiling with g++-3 is the simplest workaround I have found.

I didn't know whether to send this bug report to the cygwin mailing list or the g++ mailing list.

I chose the cygwin mailing list because the segfault started to happen reliably after I installed cygwin 1.7.5-1 on April 12 2010.


Tim Wilson-Brown
E: twilsonb at mac dot com

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