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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: clamav-0.96-1

I've made a new version of clamav available for installation,
including, libclamav6, libclamav-devel, clamav-db.
This is a feature release keeping the same dll version. Nice.
Run freshclam after the update.

* Spurious "LibClamAV Warning: fmap_aging: kernel hates you" messages.
* Huge package size: cygclamav-6.dll went from 720KB to 10MB
  stripped, because llvm is linked statically.
  clamav-db went from 23.9MB to 24.1MB. There's a new
  bytecode.cvd archive, which you will download with freshclam.
* Possible new false positives:
  Due to the new llvm-based bytecode interpreter some false
  positives with unstripped/hyphened SSN data were reported.
  Also PS and PDF files have been reported as false positives on the
  clamav-devel list.

Project description:
Clam AntiVirus is an anti-virus toolkit. It provides a number of
utilities, including a flexible and scalable multi-threaded daemon, a
commandline scanner, and a tool for automatic database updates. The
core of the package is an anti-virus engine available as a shared


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Cygwin changes:
----- version 0.96-1 -----
* lndirs ${B}/libclamav/c++/llvm
* DIRENT_MISSING_D_INO check is now ignored upstream.
  Only cygwin-1.7 supported
* still libclamav6
* adapted libclamav6.hint dependencies
* cygport falsely reports a libtool check error on postinstall.
  I changed this locally from error to warn.

New major upstream features:

1. The Bytecode Interpreter - The Bytecode Interpreter allows ClamAV sig-makers to create very complex AV signatures for complex pieces of malware. This is a pretty major addition to the detection technologies inside of ClamAV.

2. Native Windows Support - ClamAV will now build natively under Visual Studio. This will allow 3rd Party application developers on windows to easily integrate LibClamAV into their applications.

3. UPX 3.0 unpacking support - Add support to decompressing UPX version 3.0 packed applications.

4. 7zip archive support - Add support for decompressing 7zip archives and inspecting their contents.

5. OSX Mach-O support - Add support for parsing OSX Mach-O binaries files and intelligently inspecting their contents

6. 64-bit ELF support - Add support for intelligently parsing and detecting malware in 64-Bit ELF binaries.

7. InstallShield archives support - Add support for unpacking and inspecting the contents of InstallShield archives.

8. CPIO archive support - Add support for unpacking and inspecting the contents of CPIO archives.

9. Heuristic improvements - Improve the PE heuristics detection engine by adding support of bogus icons and fake PE header information. In a nutshell, ClamAV can now detect malware that tries to disguise itself as a harmless application by using the most common Windows program icons.

10. Performance improvements - Overall performance improvements and memory optimizations for a better overall resource utilization experience.

11. Signature Improvements - Logical signature improvements to allow referencing groups of signatures. Additionally, improvements to wildcard matching on word boundaries and newlines.

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