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Re: zsh 4.3.9-1: text-mode stdin problem (breaking base64)

On 04/24/2010 02:31 PM, Yutaka Amanai wrote:
>> Have a look at Bash code some time. I recall seeing some O_TEXT options
>> being set in the various {f}open()'s that it does.

There are a few of those, but I've been working at reducing them to the
bare minimum, and instead controlling it via the igncr option.

> I took a look at Bash code and found it sometimes opens filehandles in
> text-mode, although I didn't read in detail. Anyway, Bash is also
> apparently not perfect (for example, it can't read CRLF scripts on
> binary-mode filesystems),

That's not true.  If you use the igncr shell option, then bash ignores
CR and does just fine with CRLF scripts on binary-mode file systems.
It's just that you have to request it; it is not default behavior,
because the default is to match Linux of favoring binary-only solutions.

Eric Blake    +1-801-349-2682
Libvirt virtualization library

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