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Using nano in mintty : missing cursor

Try editing a text document using nano in a mintty terminal.
Press <Alt-r> to replace text.
The typed search string at the bottom of the page lacks a visible cursor 
(though it is there, as evidenced by use of <LtArrow> and <RtArrow> and 
inserting text) which is a small inconvenience.
(Cf using nano in a bash terminal or a rxvt terminal: using <Alt-r> to 
replace text the cursor helpfully remains visible.)
Any chance of a revision - to mintty - to address this? Thank you.

BTW mintty is great and possesses the useful feature that it does not 
hang on exit. As previously reported this problem (hang on exiting rxvt) 
is now completely chronic [for me]. I am finding it hard to understand 
why there are not 4000 other reports of the same problem in this mailing 
list; but as there are not, I deduce my setup (newly installed on a new 
machine less than a week ago to no avail) possesses some hideous 
freakish quirk in ~/.bashrc or ~/.inputrc or ... not shared elsewhere.

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