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How to Start Multiple Windows Apps Using Cygwin

Hi there,
ÂÂÂ I want to create a windows batch file, which can
1. initialize and start multiple Windows -- such as my gtalk and my MSN
2. keep the applications running
3. let the batch file itself exit without any trace.
ÂÂÂ That is a bit difficult to achieve via normal windows batch file,
since batch does not provide a background running mode, so the whole
process will be blocked at the first application starts, and all the
subsequent application will not get called before the first exits.
 And then I turned to Cygwin. Seems it could achieve task 1 and
task 2. However, it could not achieve task 3, which means that the
cygwin window will be kept open, until both (all) of the applications
get closed. So I wonder whether there is any possibility, to achieve
all the 3 tasks I want? And if yes, how?

ÂÂÂ Below is the batch file I've written, any comments are welcome.

rem @echo off
chdir C:\cygwin\bin
bash --login -c "/c/Program\ Files/Google/Google\ Talk/googletalk.exe
/startmenu &"
bash --login -c "/c/Program\ Files/Windows\ Live/Messenger/msnmsgr.exe &"
rem exit

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