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Strange problem with ssh-agent and ssh misbehaving (infinite loop) on two different versions of cygwin

Hi everyone.

I am having a perplexing problem. I have been using cygwin 1.5 or so
for a good 4 months without hassles. But just recently, after some
XP64 device driver issues (requiring a clean reinstall of the nvidia
drivers), ssh-agent started to malfunction. Symptom being ssh-add
just hangs forever.
I first thought file system corruption so I did a clean reinstall to
the latest one ?(via setup v2.697) to what I guess is 1.7x ?but the
problem remains.
If I run ssh-agent -d, then ssh-add is able to connect, but ssh-agent
still sucks up 100% of the CPU, in what looks like busylooping.

Otherwise, strace for ssh-add lists the following (in attachment
ssh-add-strace.txt). It ends at the last line while ?strace for
ssh-agent reports what looks like an infinite loop.

134 14754365 [select_socket] ssh-agent 720 peek_socket: read_ready: 0,
write_ready: 0, except_ready: 0
280 14754645 [select_socket] ssh-agent 720 peek_socket: read_ready: 0,
write_ready: 0, except_ready: 0

messages very similar to this scroll by until I kill ssh-agent.

I already checked the cygwin archives and found this message:
But the solution does not seem to apply in my case.

It looks like something is making the socket connection go bad, but I
can't think of anything at the moment.

Has anyone got any hints?



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