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Re: gcc: building gcc-4.5.0 for Cygwin

Dave Korn <> writes:

> On 20/04/2010 20:28, Paul Bibbings wrote:
>> (BTW.  I'm guessing by "That'd be my fault" that you're working on gcc
>> upstream?)
>   I certainly am; my long-term goal is a) to synchronize upstream and
> downstream so that in the end there are no cygwin-specific patches needed and
> anyone can just build the plain sources from upstream and get a fully
> compatible compiler that generates fully compatible executables, and b) to add
> any missing support so that we can get features like LTO and graphite working.
>   I think we're fairly close to there already, but there might be some minor
> incompatibilities in odd corners of C++ related to typeinfos and dynamic
> typecasts.

Well, then, I very much look forward to the fruits of all that hard
work and am grateful that it appears to be in `safe hands'.  And, well,
... thank you! :-)

Good luck with that.


Paul Bibbings

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