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Re: Proposal for changes to behavior in package list

On 19/04/2010 19:31, Robert Pendell wrote:

> First suggestion: Implement a prompt when a selected package has
> caused other packages to be marked as well.  This dialog would include
> the newly marked packages with a Yes/No prompt if the user wants them
> marked.  A warning could note that the packages may be required for
> the currently selected package to function.  The user could pick no
> and continue clicking away in the event they are going to uninstall it
> anyways which is a couple more clicks away.

> Second suggestion: Change the order of package options to Keep,
> Uninstall, Reinstall, Source.  This loop should prevent packages from
> being re-selected during intended uninstall actions such as may happen
> with the X11 packages.

  For the second one, I'm still working on a patch that gives a right-click
context menu, so that you can simply jump directly to the choice you want
without going via the intermediate choices; this should at least help a bit.
(It is taking longer than I expected because I kept running into and fixing
bugs on the way, and I'm also busy trying to get a gcc-4.5 release at the same
time, but I haven't forgotten.)

  For the first one, it was suggested in the earlier discussion to keep track
of things that have only been added because they are dependencies, and keep
track of things that have been deliberately selected by the user.  Then again,
it might be even simpler yet, if we just delay adding the dependencies until
the user has clicked 'next' on the package choice screen, and calculate them
all once at the end.  (There are also other possibilities that come to mind
that would be a combination of or half-way between the two.)


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