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Re: GCC - Access denied

On 20/04/2010 02:07, Moises Deangelo wrote:
> Hello
> Where I used cygwin developing in DEV-CPP (IDE) and compiling with
> GCC. (Libs, Headers and all the cygwin). Only the IDE was the DEV.
> These days formated my machine. When I installed cygwin, time to
> access the gcc to compile, the system returns "access denied".
> How can I fix it?
> Develop all source code in any IDE on any windows calling it the
> structure of cygwin to compile.

  Right, the problem is that these days GCC uses symlinks to choose between
gcc-3 and gcc-4 according to the user's preferences, using the alternatives
system (see /usr/share/doc/alternatives/README).  This is a problem when
launching the compiler from a native windows application, because windows
doesn't understand cygwin symlinks.

  The solution is to adjust the preferences in your IDE, so that it uses
"gcc-3.exe" or "gcc-4.exe" (at your choice) directly, rather than trying to
use the "gcc.exe" symlink.


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