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Re: Proposal for changes to behavior in package list

On 4/19/2010 2:31 PM, Robert Pendell wrote:
I have a proposal to the package list.

First the issue at hand.  Packages that have additional dependencies
add those dependencies without notifying the user indicating such.
This also makes it difficult to remove packages which have cycling
dependencies such as the X11 package set.  In the event of a removal
the package selection has you click through package options in the
order of Keep, Reinstall, Source, then Uninstall.

The first suggestion would potentially affect all package entries but
is equally useful for the issue however the latter option would only
affect currently installed packages.  They both could be potentially
implemented as they could be equally useful.

First suggestion: Implement a prompt when a selected package has
caused other packages to be marked as well.  This dialog would include
the newly marked packages with a Yes/No prompt if the user wants them
marked.  A warning could note that the packages may be required for
the currently selected package to function.  The user could pick no
and continue clicking away in the event they are going to uninstall it
anyways which is a couple more clicks away.

Second suggestion: Change the order of package options to Keep,
Uninstall, Reinstall, Source.  This loop should prevent packages from
being re-selected during intended uninstall actions such as may happen
with the X11 packages.

I would of gladly made the changes myself but I don't have any real
programming experience.  I only dabble in shell scripting.

I think there's general agreement that the problem has less to do with fact that the user isn't informed of these additional dependencies and more to do with the issue of the current GUI control thwarting the user's attempt to uninstall them when the user wants to. While your proposals do attempt to address this problem in a way that's probably less work to implement, it makes sense to fix the core problem and be done with it rather than skirt the issue. There's certainly been discussion about doing just that.

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