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RE: General cuestions about package mantainership

d.sastre.medina wrote on Saturday, April 17, 2010 6:59 AM
> I'm taking into consideration the possibility of taking over the
> maintainership of an orphaned package[1], but I'd need some
> clarifications regarding this task, in order to decide if I am capable
> enough to do it.  Caution comes from the assumption of my limitations.
> To me it's clear that the notion of Community implies giving back to
> it, at least, within someone's own ability and knowledge.  In my case,
> this limit is the lack of C programming background.
> Would such a maintainer be totally useless?
> To my understanding, a maintainer should be able to patch the sources if
> necessary, not only build/package/publish them and act as a proxy
> between bug reporters and developers.
> Despite the fact that I'm probably answering myself, I'd be glad to
> know your opinion.
> [1]

I'm not sure that says everything that's been written on the subject but
it's a start.  (I seem to remember something by cgf (that I evidently
neglected to save) that I took to mean that even if it compiles OOTB,
one should be able to debug it so that if it breaks in the future, it
wouldn't become abandoned.)

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