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Re: Running a Matlab script remotely via ssh

On 4/17/2010 1:04 PM, Geraldo Veiga wrote:
> I have Cygwin installed in a Vista/64 system with sshd enabled.  I
> would like to login remotely via ssh and run a script written in
> Matlab.
> Directly from the DOS command line this is possible:
> matlab -nosplash -nodesktop -minimize -r test_batch -logfile logfile
> No such luck when I try the same with a remote session.  The thing
> just hangs there until I interrupt it with CTRL-C.
> Is there any way around this?  Matlab is a Windows application and
> always opens a window when executed.  That "-minimize" in the
> command-line  just hides the obvious.
> Thanks in advance for your help

Since it's a Windows-native build which needs to open a window, running
it remotely won't be an option unless you give the sshd service the
right to interact with the desktop.  What you probably want instead is a
Cygwin build of Matlab, if such a thing exists.


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