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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: {xz/liblzma-devel/liblzma1}-4.999.9beta-11

On 2010-04-11 11:54, Charles Wilson wrote:
This is routine update to a more recent git snapshot.

[[ compiled using gcc-4.3.4-3 ]]

CHANGES (since 4.999.9beta-10)
o Update to 2010-Apr-01 git snapshot
   Wed Mar 31 16:47:25 2010 +0300
o Rebuild using gcc4, against official cygwin-1.7.x release.
o Upstream:
   - Documentation updates
   - Fix option parsing bug in xz
   - Fix installation issue on cygwin/mingw.
   - lzmainfo bugfixes
   - New lzma_filters_copy(), lzma_physmem(), and io_pread() APIs.
   - Behavioral modification for filter chain initialization/update:
     Technically, this is a ABI change, but to date is is only used
     internally, so I didn't bump the DLL number.
   - xz now supports --info-memory and --robot options, and a
     rudimentary implemenation of --list.
   - Fix various liblzma bugs
   - liblzma now relies on auto-import, for MinGW/Cygwin
   - Never accept (or output) compressed data from a tty
   - xzgrep now supports filenames with spaces

This release will not compress a file with multiple hard links, even when "forced".

I'm running an NTFS drive, and my source file has 2 hard-links to it. Running "xz -9evf source.txt" prints:
xz: source.txt: Input file has more than one hard link, skipping

When using "4.999.9beta-10", it correctly compresses that file.

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