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Re: Cygwin does not have unicode support however FileZilla displays unicode

me scribbled:
> Eric wrote:
>>> What exactly is coming out as rectangles, i.e. which letters do you
>>> expect instead? Are any particular programs affected?
>> Instead of Chinese characters I get the rectangle box that looks like [] but without the gaps.
>> Programs affected so far are the command prompt and filenames.
>> The OS that cygwin is running on is Windows 7 32bit English - using the Chinese Traditional language pack.
> I see. Lucida Console and Consolas don't contain glyphs for Chinese or
> the other East Asian languages. In non-console programs such as PuTTY,
> Windows automatically substitutes glyphs from appropriate fonts, but
> for some reason it doesn't do that in the console. Nor does it allow
> you to switch to fonts like SimSun or MingLiU, unless, that is, you
> change the system's "Language for non-Unicode programs" on the
> Administrative tab of the Region&Language control panel to Chinese.

Actually there is a way to change to a font not normally available in
the console properties without changing the "Language for non-Unicode
programs". It requires registry hacking though. See


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