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Re: Cygwin does not have unicode support however FileZilla displays unicode

Eric wrote:
>> What exactly is coming out as rectangles, i.e. which letters do you
>> expect instead? Are any particular programs affected?
> Instead of Chinese characters I get the rectangle box that looks like [] but without the gaps.
> Programs affected so far are the command prompt and filenames.
> The OS that cygwin is running on is Windows 7 32bit English - using the Chinese Traditional language pack.

I see. Lucida Console and Consolas don't contain glyphs for Chinese or
the other East Asian languages. In non-console programs such as PuTTY,
Windows automatically substitutes glyphs from appropriate fonts, but
for some reason it doesn't do that in the console. Nor does it allow
you to switch to fonts like SimSun or MingLiU, unless, that is, you
change the system's "Language for non-Unicode programs" on the
Administrative tab of the Region&Language control panel to Chinese.

Hope that helps,

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