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Re: mintty: Doesn't know about CTRL key

> Corinna Vinschen:
>> I'm more and more using mintty for everything (shell, admin shell,
>> heating my food, you name it).
> Food as well? It was only meant to make mint tea. Thanks for the endorsement. :)
>> Consider you have more than one mintty window open. ÂA typical use case
>> for me is to have one shell open under UAC and the other one with admin
>> rights to test to test something. ÂThen I want to close both ttys and
>> test again with another Cygwin DLL.
>> So I press Ctrl-D twice, without lifting my thumb from the Ctrl key.
>> The first mintty window closes just fine. ÂThe second mintty window does
>> not close. ÂInstead, it behaves as if I had pressed the 'd' key alone.
>> So I have to BS and then press Ctrl-D again to exit the second shell.
>> Apparently the second mintty window doesn't recognize the fact that the
>> Ctrl key is still pressed. ÂThis does not happen with two console
>> windows, neither in tty, nor in notty mode.
> Phew, not quite as bad as the title suggested.
> This will be due to the hack for telling AltGrrrr from Ctrl+AltGr
> (which is needed because Windows sends AltGr keypresses as
> simultaneous Ctrl and Alt key events). Hopefully I'll find a way to
> fix this without breaking something else again.

ps: One workaround is to use Alt-F4 instead of Ctrl-D.


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