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Re: 64 bit applications

On Fri, Apr 16, 2010 at 03:57:58PM +0400, Andrew P. wrote:
> Dear Sir!
>I didn't find on FAQ and mailing list the answer on question:
>Is it possible to compile from sources for x86_64 architecture (and will 
>it be the default architecture) and then run this application via cygwin 
>installation from with all products selected under 
>Windows XP x 64 Edition (and under win32)?

No, it's not possible currently.  The Cygwin dll and all of the binaries
in the distribution are 32-bit.

>If not, then how is it possible to do?

If you don't need the POSIX layer that Cygwin provides then google for
mingw64.  That is a native toolchain which produces 64-bit binaries.

Otherwise, I'm afraid you're out of luck unless you can fund development
of a 64-bit Cygwin.

>And will be this cygwin installation work on another PC by simple folder 
>copy (and, for example, from win32 to win64)?

Barring any running services, yes.  If you are running a service like
openssh then you need to reconfigure the other PC.  But it's still


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