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Re: rsync: rename .file.JVPk8f -> file: Device or resource busy (16)

> Ok, so you're admin. ÂI assume that `id' lists the administrators
> group in your supplementary group list?


> Not really. ÂSo, with the above permissions, rsync fails but mv works,
> right? ÂWhat's important when using mv is to mv the file within the
> same filesystem. ÂRsync does not fail to copy the file to the USB
> stick. ÂIt fails when trying to rename the copied file on the USB stick
> from its temporary name ( to the desired target name. ÂThis
> renaming is what we have to check for. ÂSo, what das mv say when you
> try to just rename the file? ÂWhat if you cp the file to the USB stick
> and then try to mv it to another name there?
works perfectly fine.

> Can you please create an strace rsyncing just this single file with
> the failing permissions?

Log file is attached.
In fact I saw that even with full control to my-self on local hard
drive it fails sometimes so this was a bad idea.

> And please add the output of `cacls the_file'.  It's more exact to
> show the ACL than the GUI.
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