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Re: rsync: rename .file.JVPk8f -> file: Device or resource busy (16)

On Apr 16 11:13, Fr?d?ric Bron wrote:
> > ?Is UAC enabled? ?Elevated or non-elevated shell?
> Access control via Active Directory. No idea about elevation (do not
> know that). I am listed in the administrator group of the main machine
> I use (corporate PC).

Ok, so you're admin.  I assume that `id' lists the administrators
group in your supplementary group list?

> > Which OS are you using, btw?
> Windows XP SP3

Ok, so no UAC.

> I identified one file that was permanently failing to be saved had the
> following permissions on my hard drive:
> - Administraors: full control
> - Domain Users: Read&Execute, Read
> - MySelf: Modify, Read&Execute, Read, Write
> - SYSTEM: full control
> - Everyone: Read&Execute, Read
> - Users (computer\Users): Read&Execute, Read
> I added full control to my-self on the local hard drive and then rsync
> worked fine. On the USB disk the remaining ".file.exe.XXXX" has full
> control to everyone and only this which is fine.
> I then removed again the full control to my-self on the local hard
> drive and rsync failed again.
> Any clue?

Not really.  So, with the above permissions, rsync fails but mv works,
right?  What's important when using mv is to mv the file within the
same filesystem.  Rsync does not fail to copy the file to the USB
stick.  It fails when trying to rename the copied file on the USB stick
from its temporary name ( to the desired target name.  This
renaming is what we have to check for.  So, what das mv say when you
try to just rename the file?  What if you cp the file to the USB stick
and then try to mv it to another name there?

Can you please create an strace rsyncing just this single file with
the failing permissions?


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