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Re: rsync: rename .file.JVPk8f -> file: Device or resource busy (16)

> What you need to find out is what the files for which this happens have
> in common, plus a couple of extra conditions.
They are all .exe files! most of them were created from cygwin using g++.

> ÂIs UAC enabled? ÂElevated or non-elevated shell?
Access control via Active Directory. No idea about elevation (do not
know that). I am listed in the administrator group of the main machine
I use (corporate PC).

> Are you using the same account on all machines (Active Directory), or do
> you use different accounts (at least one machine is a stand-alone
> workstation)?

In fact since I formatted the disks in ntfs, I have used them on only
one PC (the one used to format the disks). On that PC, I am listed in
the Administrators group. It is rare that I plug the USB disk on
another PC. When it is the case, it is with a different account and
different windows version.

> Is the drive formatted with all permissions for Everyone?
Yes, I removed all other permissions (system, administrators, user,
creater...) and left only Everyone with full control (at the root).

> Which OS are you using, btw?
Windows XP SP3

> Since the error occurs apparently in rename(2), it should be possible
> to reproduce it without rsync, just with mv.
No issue with mv on the same files!

> Do you run a anti-virus/anti-malware program which might interfere here?
Yes I use Symantec. No idea if it is an issue. It was not when my
disks were formatted in fat32.

> I just tried the same on W7 under UAC.  First I rsynced an older
> checkout of the Cygwin CVS repository onto the NTFS formatted USB stick,
> then I updated the CVS checkout, then I rsynced it again.  Worked fine.
Thanks for that.

I identified one file that was permanently failing to be saved had the
following permissions on my hard drive:
- Administraors: full control
- Domain Users: Read&Execute, Read
- MySelf: Modify, Read&Execute, Read, Write
- SYSTEM: full control
- Everyone: Read&Execute, Read
- Users (computer\Users): Read&Execute, Read

I added full control to my-self on the local hard drive and then rsync
worked fine. On the USB disk the remaining ".file.exe.XXXX" has full
control to everyone and only this which is fine.
I then removed again the full control to my-self on the local hard
drive and rsync failed again.

Any clue?

Thanks again,

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