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Cygwin 1.7 Windows 7/2008 Public key intermittent problem

I have about 8 machines experiencing problems while trying to use
passwordless public key authentication, via passwd -R.
Happening on W7, w2k8, x86 & x64
sshd running on all as a domain user, with the correct local security
policy changes made, and /var/empty owner by sshd user etc.
pub key auth always works for the user sshd is been run as, but not
any other user - connection closed by... error - windows event log
does show sshd pid xxx fatal initgroups permission denied error
If I reboot any of the above, generally passwordless pub key auth
doesn't work - if I then rdp to windows machine, login as another
user, log out - I can then ssh using keys to that machine as the user
I  RDP'd as  - until it gets rebooted again.

And then - after several more reboots - without any changes been made
on the machines - I can use keys to login to the machine as any user
successfully - until it gets rebooted and reverts to the usual problem

I have tried installing cyglsa - but after installing and rebooting -
I don't notice any difference - although I'm unsure if there is
something else needed for cyglsa to function or is adding the users to
the passwd/groups sufficient?

Thanks for any suggestions - the fact that it intermittently works is
baffling me....

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