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Re: rsync: rename .file.JVPk8f -> file: Device or resource busy (16)

On Apr 15 07:14, Fr?d?ric Bron wrote:
> I have converted a USB hard drive from fat32 to ntfs because git now
> does not work on fat32 drives and git is essential to my work.
> I also use this disk to backup my local hard drive with rsync.
> When it was fat32, everything was fine but now that it is ntfs, I get
> the following error message many times during the rsync process:
> $ rsync --modify-window=1 --recursive --links --executability --times
> --quiet --delete /cygdrive/d/Documents /mnt/g/Sauvegarde/
> rsync: rename "/mnt/g/Sauvegarde/Documents/Fred/Bal/1.7/Bal/gcc-release/bin/.configure.exe.JVPk8f"
> -> "Documents/Fred/Bal/1.7/Bal/gcc-release/bin/configure.exe": Device
> or resource busy (16)
> when rsync ends, .configure.exe.?????? still exists and configure.exe
> does not exist or both do not exist
> The disk is mounted like this (/etc/fstab):
> f:/ /mnt/f ntfs noacl,nouser,binary
> What does this error message mean?

I have no idea what that means in this scenario.  I'm using NTFS
exclusively, but I don't use USB sticks, and I never encountered such
an error, unless the file was locked.  However, Cygwin usually opens
files with sharing allowed, except in very rare circumstances which
shouldn't play a role here.

What you need to find out is what the files for which this happens have
in common, plus a couple of extra conditions.  Is UAC enabled?  Elevated
or non-elevated shell?  Or do you run this as under a non-admin account?
Are you using the same account on all machines (Active Directory), or do
you use different accounts (at least one machine is a stand-alone

Is the drive formatted with all permissions for Everyone?  This seems
to be the default when formatting a USB stick with NTFS under W7, at
least.  Which OS are you using, btw?

Since the error occurs apparently in rename(2), it should be possible
to reproduce it without rsync, just with mv.  If you could construct
a scenario which moves rsync out of the picture, that would be helpful.


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