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rsync: rename .file.JVPk8f -> file: Device or resource busy (16)

I have converted a USB hard drive from fat32 to ntfs because git now
does not work on fat32 drives and git is essential to my work.
I also use this disk to backup my local hard drive with rsync.
When it was fat32, everything was fine but now that it is ntfs, I get
the following error message many times during the rsync process:

$ rsync --modify-window=1 --recursive --links --executability --times
--quiet --delete /cygdrive/d/Documents /mnt/g/Sauvegarde/

rsync: rename "/mnt/g/Sauvegarde/Documents/Fred/Bal/1.7/Bal/gcc-release/bin/.configure.exe.JVPk8f"
-> "Documents/Fred/Bal/1.7/Bal/gcc-release/bin/configure.exe": Device
or resource busy (16)

when rsync ends, .configure.exe.?????? still exists and configure.exe
does not exist or both do not exist

The disk is mounted like this (/etc/fstab):
f:/ /mnt/f ntfs noacl,nouser,binary

What does this error message mean?
Do I have to go back to fat32 (without the possibility to use git)?


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