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Hello Sir/Ma,

My name is farhad Fai  from  I newly established a art gallery here in Mumbai India, I saw some beautiful artworks which am interested to buy on the internet and I contacted them on phone but the sellers who are based in  the United States and United Kingdom said the artworks are available for sale for people living in their country only that they can't post their artworks to India, the only option that I was given is if I have someone in the their country to help me collect them from the sellers, with that, they will sell them for me.

That?s what made me start searching for someone that can be helping me receive the artworks from the art seller by USPS postal service at home and I will be the one to  arrange for DHL pick up, to come pick them up from your home to my place in India.

I will be the one to contact the sellers and negotiate the price with them by my self and my associate company will be the one to arrange payment for them in United State, because Western Union are not allowed to send money outside the my country, so after the payment is been made to the sellers I will then give your address to them as my shipping address. My own is to give you the tracking number for the gallery coming to you. Once you inform me you receive the gallery, I will then arrange for DHL pick up.

The payment is $350 per week please help my business grow this work does not disturb your normal daily activities and if you already have a job you can still carry this work along because you don't  have to be there all time anybody can help you collect the artworks at home even when you are not around and at the same time anybody can help you give them back to the DHL when they come for pick up the only thing you have to do by yourself is to make sure you are updating me accordingly.

Awaiting your response.

farhad Fai

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