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Re: Some Perl notes

2010/4/13 Dr. Volker Zell:
>>>>>> Reini Urban writes:
> ? ?> man
> ? ?> ===
> ? ?> I'm still waiting for a man update to support perl-style :: conversion to .
> ? ?>
> Hi Reini
> Sorry I only saw your mail today.
> Is that really needed ?
> For example, lets take the man page
> ?o /usr/share/man/man3/Test.Simple.3pm.gz
> For me in cygwin 1.5 and 1.7 the following already displays the right
> man page -> Test::Simple(3pm)
> ?o man 3 Test.Simple
> and
> ?o man 3 Test::Simple
> So what's the benefit of your patch ?

You are right. Looks like "::" are already correctly translated to "."

$ man Compress::Raw::Bzip2

Using the original
$ /bin/man.exe --version
man, version 1.6e

and not my new version 1.6f.
As I understood it, version 1.6e converted "::" to "?", and it did not
work me that time.
2009-09-03 Reini Urban <>
	* (src/manfile.h, src/manfile.c): replace the : reclacement
	char ? with . to sync with perl on win32.

Lets put that aside.
But maybe move man.conf from /usr/share/misc to /etc
Thanks for checking!
Reini Urban 

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