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Re: configure test for accept4 hangs

On Apr 13 21:20, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> On Apr 13 10:43, David Rothenberger wrote:
> > While configuring apr-1.4.2 with Cygwin 1.7.5, the test for accept4
> > hung. I don't know much about this API, so I've just disabled it in
> > libapr1 for now, but I wanted to report the hang in case it was a
> > Cygwin bug.
> Boy, this testcase is really stressing the limits.
> The problem is that connect() is called in that loop so fast, that at
> one point the AF_UNIX socket file already exists, but is not yet filled
> with the information necessary to be recognized as AF_UNIX socket.
> Consequentially, at that point connect() fails with EBADF, since it
> assumes you're trying to connect to a file which is not a socket.
> The hang is just a followup effect due to the parent waiting in accept()
> for a connect() which will never happen, because the child process
> already left the connect() loop.
> I try to come up with a more robust solution which also catches this
> scenario.

In CVS I just changed the way the socket file gets created in bind() and
the way it's tested for being a socket file in connect() so this timing
problem shouldn't occur anymore.  Would you mind to test either CVS or
the next developers snapshot from ?


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