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Re: How to set full control to Everyone on USB hard drive files and directories?

> In Cygwin, create a mount entry for the drive and add the "noacl" flag.
> Then set the permissions on the root dir of the drive to full control
> for Everyone and make sure permissions are propagted to child objects.

Can I do that only for USB drives whatever the windows letter refering
to it (which changes from time to time...)?
It seems, from,
that I must set a windows path as first parameter.
Can I still use /cygdrive or do I need to create another mount point?
Can I still have a difference between read, write, execute flags or
will everything appear as 777?

I have tried that in /etc/fstab:
f:/ /mnt/f cygdrive noacl,nouser,binary,notexec
g:/ /mnt/g cygdrive noacl,nouser,binary,notexec
h:/ /mnt/h cygdrive noacl,nouser,binary,notexec
i:/ /mnt/i cygdrive noacl,nouser,binary,notexec

But when mount does not do anything in /mnt. (I have created the
corresponding directories before).


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