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Re: How to uninstall Cygwin/X (only)

On Sun, Apr 11, 2010 at 05:09:55AM +0100, Dave Korn wrote:
>On 11/04/2010 04:21, Paul Bibbings wrote:
>>   For
>> instance, if I click on the view button and select `Not installed',
>> suppose I select a package that I don't have - for example (I'm trying
>> this now), aspell-dev 0.60.5-1.  Then, suppose I merely cycle through
>> the Views and come back to `Not installed'. aspell-dev is no longer in
>> the list, despite the fact that I have not done anything other than
>> change the view.  It is no more installed now than it was before. 
>  Well, the way I think of it is that when setup starts up, those displays
>show you the current state of your installation; and what you do is change
>things until they show you how you want it to be after setup completes, and
>then when you've got everything how you want it to be, you hit "Next" to apply
>your changes.
>  BTW, in response to all the comments so far:
>  I'm going to add right-click context menus because that's a small
>incremental improvement that can be done now.  At least it'll bring an end to
>the current craziness where trying to uninstall a whole bunch of
>interdependent packages in one go is like one of those logical puzzle games
>where every time you press a button a different subset of the lights toggle on
>or off!

But the thing is, I'm not sure that just adding a drop-down is a useful
thing to do.  Maybe if you replaced the spinners with something
non-clickable that would be different.  But, having to tell everyone to
right-click doesn't seem like a huge improvement.  People still see the
spinner there, don't know what it is, and don't right or left click on


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