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Re: How to uninstall Cygwin/X (only)

On 11/04/2010 04:21, Paul Bibbings wrote:

>   For
> instance, if I click on the view button and select `Not installed',
> suppose I select a package that I don't have - for example (I'm trying
> this now), aspell-dev 0.60.5-1.  Then, suppose I merely cycle through
> the Views and come back to `Not installed'. aspell-dev is no longer in
> the list, despite the fact that I have not done anything other than
> change the view.  It is no more installed now than it was before. 

  Well, the way I think of it is that when setup starts up, those displays
show you the current state of your installation; and what you do is change
things until they show you how you want it to be after setup completes, and
then when you've got everything how you want it to be, you hit "Next" to apply
your changes.

  BTW, in response to all the comments so far:

  I'm going to add right-click context menus because that's a small
incremental improvement that can be done now.  At least it'll bring an end to
the current craziness where trying to uninstall a whole bunch of
interdependent packages in one go is like one of those logical puzzle games
where every time you press a button a different subset of the lights toggle on
or off!

  All the other things: replacing the spinners by drop-downs, making the
chooser keyboard-navigable, tab-stopped and screen-reader friendly, require a
more-or-less complete rewrite of the PickView class.  It's a bigger job, and
not one that I'm going to get to until after gcc-4.5.0 is out.


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