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Re: man pages showing special characters

On 8 April 2010 21:56, Paul Bibbings:
>> What font are you using, and what do you get instead of the '-'?
> Well, certainly the font affects the problem. ÂI had this set to
> `Courier'. ÂHowever, changing this to `Courier New' solves this for me
> and everything renders as I would expect. ÂFor the record, using
> `Courier', I was getting a wide, solid vertical bar for al the `-'s.

The font *is* the problem then. Well, apart from man/groff needlessly
using the Unicode minus and hyphen codepoints anyway. 'Courier' isn't
a Unicode font, i.e. it covers CP1252 and perhaps a few other
codepages, but nothing beyond that.

Other examples of fonts like that are Fixedsys and Terminal. OpenType
and TrueType fonts (marked with 'O' and 'TT' in the font dialog) tend
to have wider coverage, for example Lucida Console, Consolas, DejaVu
Mono, and Courier New.

> I had believed that I had set it to `Courier New' in the first place, so
> unless it should render properly under Courier, this is my error.

Easy enough to click on 'Courier' instead of 'Courier New'. I checked
that mintty isn't accidentally dropping the 'New'.


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