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nl_langinfo returning null?

I've noticed that bsdtar.exe has been coredumping occasionally. I've
tracked it down to a behavioral change in recent cygwin DLLs.  This line
in bsdtar.c:

          bsdtar->day_first = (*nl_langinfo(D_MD_ORDER) == 'd');

causes a segfault, because nl_langinfo returns null.  However, according

"In a locale where langinfo data is not defined, nl_langinfo() shall
return a pointer to the corresponding string in the POSIX locale. In all
locales, nl_langinfo() shall return a pointer to an empty string if item
contains an invalid setting."

Now, this doesn't always happen; I only see it when I run bsdtar.exe in
mintty, but not if I run it in rxvt-unicode, rxvt, cmd/bash, ...

So, it seems to be a weird interaction with something mintty is doing,
and the i18n stuff, but...regardless, cygwin's nl_langinfo() should
never return null.

FWIW, I've put a workaround in bsdtar.c, and will be uploading a new
version shortly.


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