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Colours used in mintty

Just moved to mintty because I can't resolve problem of rxvt hanging around after <Ctrl-D> (and despite high hopes that cygwin-1.7.3-1 would address this, as in "Fix deadlock problem between atexit and dlclose processing which caused some programs to hang on exit" -- oh, well).

Is there a way of changing the default text colours used by mintty for directories, links, etc. E.g for rxvt and xterm in ~/.Xdefaults you can have

rxvt*background:    white
rxvt*foreground:    black
rxvt*color10:       green4
rxvt*color12:       blue
rxvt*color14:       brown

xterm*background:   white
xterm*foreground:   black
xterm*color10:      darkgreen
xterm*color12:      blue
xterm*color14:      brown

In .minttyrc I tried setting both of

Term=xterm and then Term=xterm-256color

but neither picked up the xterm settings in .Xdefaults.

Or rather, it picks up some: bg, fg, color12 (directories) and (I think) color10 (executables). But not color14 (links). (Incidentally, is it picking up the ones it does pick up correctly from rxvt*color?? or xterm*color?? or somewhere else entirely?)

Thank you.


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