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Re: How to uninstall Cygwin/X (only)

Am 09.04.2010, 07:31 Uhr, schrieb Christopher Faylor:

On Fri, Apr 09, 2010 at 04:07:32AM +0100, Dave Korn wrote:
On 09/04/2010 02:52, Charles Wilson wrote:

Hmm. I wonder if a quick-n-dirty way to "fix" this is to add a
right-click context menu to the spinner, so that you can directly choose
"Uninstall" without traversing the entire cycle. Rinse and repeat on
all the items you want to remove...

I am writing a patch to add a right-click context menu to the spinner :)
more news in the next couple of days.

As long as you're doing that, how about just getting rid of the spinner entirely? IMO, it's an unusual construct. It would probably be better to have a pull-down box or something.

While we're at (m)uttering desires, I'd like to propose - which may be more work - keyboard usability. It'd really be nice if I could just hit [-] (uninstall), [+] (install or keep), and trigger reinstall (possibly with r or !). Let's not force users to even more rat-moving and rat-ear-stroking.

-- Matthias Andree

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