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Re: man pages showing special characters

Andy Koppe <> writes:

> Paul Bibbings:
>> FWIW, I am experiencing exactly the same problems as the OP. ?I have
>> mintty set up to use (under Options):
>> ? Locale ? ? ? : en_GB
>> ? Character set: UTF-8
>> which matches...
>> ? 19:59:13 Paul Bibbings@JIJOU
>> ? ~ $env | grep LANG
>> ? LANG=en_GB.UTF-8
>> ? 19:59:25 Paul Bibbings@JIJOU
>> ? ~ $env | grep LC_ALL
>> ? 20:00:29 Paul Bibbings@JIJOU
>> ? ~ $env | grep LC_TYPE
>> and all man pages - or all the ones that I have checked, which are many
>> - are certainly unable to render `-' at least.
> What font are you using, and what do you get instead of the '-'?
> Andy

Well, certainly the font affects the problem.  I had this set to
`Courier'.  However, changing this to `Courier New' solves this for me
and everything renders as I would expect.  For the record, using
`Courier', I was getting a wide, solid vertical bar for al the `-'s.

I had believed that I had set it to `Courier New' in the first place, so
unless it should render properly under Courier, this is my error.


Paul Bibbings

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