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Re: 1.7.3: Backspace key not working in GNU screen.

On 4/8/2010 4:07 PM, Al G. wrote:
This started happening around March 23, no problems with screen before
then. Since then using GNU screen (4.00.03) and trying to backspace by
hitting the backspace key results in nothing happening. The cursor
doesn't move, the character isn't erased and the command remains the
same (if you hit Enter whatever your typo was gets the usual error).
However, pressing CTRL-H does do a backspace correctly. Could this be
related to the termcap changes from [^H] to [^?]? I have searched the
forums and googled around;  found a few hits, that didn't work, and no

I just tried screen with 1.7.4 and what you described worked fine. But I noticed your installation is incomplete and you're still running 1.7.1. Please download a new 'setup.exe' from and try reinstalling all of your packages. This should solve that problem at least.

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