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Re: UTF-8 in ftp client.

> Oleksandr Gavenko wrote:
>>> ...which is good advice. ÂThe other clients MAY support UTF-8 or some
>>> other explicit i18n/NLS, but the inetutils bare-bones ftp client
>>> doesn't, and won't.
>> Won't because religion don't allow?

That's a ridiculous question. The GNUs may be rather religious about
software freedom, but they're certainly not opposed to
internationalisation. Quite the opposite, in fact: a lot of effort has
gone into it over many years (see, and I find that GNU
software tends to be better at i18n than most proprietary software.

Charles Wilson wrote:
>> So GNU guies never accept patches for UTF-8 support?
> The reason I said it won't, is because *I* have neither the time nor
> sufficient knowledge to implement it -- and I'm the guy that maintains
> cygwin's inetutils (that is, ftp+other stuff) package.

I wouldn't worry about it. 'ftp' supports UTF-8 just fine actually, by
simply passing it through unharmed from the server to the local
system. What it doesn't do is to translate filenames to a local legacy
charset such as CP1251, which is what the OP appears to be using. Of
course he hasn't actually told us, nor has he said whether he's still
using Cygwin 1.5.

Legacy charsets are on their way out, 'ftp' was always meant to be a
barebones client, and more capable alternatives are available anyway,
so there's little point in developing a patch.


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