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Re: Problem with Shift+Left or Right arrow in Cygwin locally (Ctrl isn't noticed) and through SSH (escape code isn't interpreted correctly)

> If I'm in Bash on my Ubuntu system I can use Ctrl+Left Arrow or Right
> Arrow to navigate one word at a time to the left and right. When I use
> Cygwin it doesn't react to the Ctrl, responding as if I only had
> pressed the Left or Right Arrow. Is there a way to fix this?

The standard Bash shortcuts for moving by a word that are Alt+f and
Alt+b, so "fix" is a bit strong here. But anyway, stick these two
lines into ~/.inputrc, restart bash, and you should be set:

"\e[1;5D": backward-word
"\e[1;5C": forward-word

And here's one way to put Ctrl+Up/Down to use:

"\e[1;5A": history-search-backward
"\e[1;5B": history-search-forward

Shift combinations have a 2 instead of the 5, in case you want to map
those to something. See this link for details on bash/readline key

> The next step is when I log in from an Ubuntu 9.10 system to Cygwin 6
> using SSH.

Cygwin 6? Anyway, the above should work in this case as well, as long
as you're using an xterm-compatible terminal on Ubuntu, which you are.

> $ echo $TERM
> xterm


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