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1.7.3: remote bash process left after ssh connection dropped

I run an ssh session between two machines which auto-reconnects when the connection is dropped (it's really just a bash while look that calls ssh).

My problem is that after a while, I get an error about being unable to create a tty on the remote system (I'm sorry, but I don't have the exact wording of the error). When I investigated the remote system, I found there were 64 orphaned, bash processes running. Their "TTY" field in "ps -a" output nicely listed every number from 0 to 63. Every orphaned bash had it's "PPID" set to "1".

It looks to me like when the remote machine (sshd) lost it's ssh connection, it left bash running and terminated itself. That left one of the TTY's occupied each time until it hit the system limit (which was apparently 64).

I expected the bash processes to disappear with sshd process that created them.

Is this:
1) A problem with my setup that can be remedied.
2) A problem with cygwin.
3) A problem with ssh.
4) Design intent.

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