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Re: Prob installing Perl DBI - SOLVED

2010/4/7 David Vergin:
> Excellent. I installed the gcc4-g++ package and the Perl DBI module
> installed from the command line without a hitch. (Probably would have been
> fine through the cpan program, too. But I wanted to see exactly what was
> happening.)
> Thank you, Dave.
> on 4/6/2010 11:49 AM Dave Korn said the following:
>> ? ?So, what is "strawberry"?
> Strawberry Perl is a community supported Perl for Windows. (Endorsed by
> Larry Wall himself.) I am finding it a nice replacement for ActivePerl. I
> use it for local cgi scripts running through Windows-native Apache.
> ? ? ? ?
>> ... you only have the cygwin "gcc" C compiler installed, so the build must
>> have picked up "g++" from somewhere else. ?Install Cygwin's gcc4-g++
>> package
>> and see if it works any better!

For the record:
Strawberry adds the mingw gcc and g++ to the path.
In this case behinds cygwin's but since on cygwin
there was no g++ installed, the strawberry g++ took over.
Reini Urban 

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