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Re: UTF-8 in ftp client.

On 4/7/2010 2:41 AM, Oleksandr Gavenko wrote:
> On 2010.04.07 4:02, Charles Wilson wrote:
>> ...which is good advice.  The other clients MAY support UTF-8 or some
>> other explicit i18n/NLS, but the inetutils bare-bones ftp client
>> doesn't, and won't.
> Won't because religion don't allow?

No, in fact if someone were to do the work of providing a patch that
implements it, I'm sure they'd be quite pleased to incorporate.

> So GNU guies never accept patches for UTF-8 support?

The reason I said it won't, is because *I* have neither the time nor
sufficient knowledge to implement it -- and I'm the guy that maintains
cygwin's inetutils (that is, ftp+other stuff) package.

I know better than to hope that someone else will do it for me -- and
really, I think a patch like this would be better to go upstream, and
then we could pick it up on the next official release (1.8) [*].

Anyway, for now and in the short-to-medium term future, you should
probably use a different client (like lftp) which already supports your

[*] Although I plan eventually to break out ftp and ftp-server, and base
them instead on fedora's netkit-ftp packages and source code, since
that, unlike inetutils, already supports IPv6.  It's possible netkit-ftp
as patched by fedora already supports UTF-8; I don't know yet.


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