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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: cygwin-1.7.4-1

Hi Cygwin friends and users,

I just release 1.7.4-1.  This is a bugfix release which fixes a fifo
problem introduced with 1.7.3-1 and a few other problems.


Cygwin 1.7.1 or earlier users of LSA authentication using the cyglsa.dll
or cyglsa64.dll files *must* replace the old cyglsa DLL with the new one
from this package, otherwise LSA authentication will fail with the new
1.7.3 Cygwin DLL.

This is unfortunately necessary, but it should be the last time for
quite some time.

DON'T FORGET TO REBOOT after replacing cyglsa.dll.


Localization support has been much enhanced since 1.7.1 and the locale
variables (LANG, LC_TIME, etc) are now evaluated and require a *valid*
locale specifier to be fully functional.  Make sure to read the below
changes to the localization support and *especially* the updated
documentation at to
get the full picture.

Changes and bugfixes since Cygwin 1.7.3:

- Fix a typo which made FIFOs non-functional.

- Fix wrong return value in call to btowc('\0').

- Allow atexit callbacks to register further atexit callbacks.

- New /usr/include/sched.h and /usr/incude/sys/sched.h files due to
  alignment with newlib files.  No functional change.  However, if the
  new files result in problems when building projects, please report
  to the Cygwin list.

Changes and bugfixes since Cygwin 1.7.2:

- Fix deadlock problem between atexit and dlclose processing which
  caused some programs to hang on exit.

- Fix handling of non-blocking pipes when read/write is attempted and
  previous I/O has not completed.

- Disable erroneous .exe/.lnk suffix handling for directories.

- Fix potentially corrupted locale information.

- Enable IPv6 support in rcmd(3) function, which was accidentally
  diabled since the function has been added to Cygwin 1.7.0.

- More relaxed Netapp FS recognition.

- Enable finding paths in backslash notation in calls to execvp/execlp.

- Modification and access timestamps of devices reflect the current time.

- Support for GB2312/EUC-CN.  These charsets are implemented as aliases
  to GBK.  GB2312 is now the default charset name for the locales zh_CN
  and zh_SG, just as on Linux.

- The Cygwin console emulation graphics mode switching now strictly
  follows ISO 2022.

Changes and bugfixes since Cygwin 1.7.1:


- Localization support has been much improved.

  - Cygwin now handles locales using the underlying Windows locale
    support.  The locale must exist in Windows to be recognized.  Locale
    aliases from the file /usr/share/locale/locale.alias are also
    allowed, as long as their replacement is supported by the underlying

  - New tool "locale" to fetch locale information and default locales
    based on the Windows default settings as well as lists of all
    supported locales and character sets.

    Try `locale -a' for a list of available locales.
    Try `locale -av' for more details.
    Try `locale -m' for a list of available character sets.

  - Default charset for locales without explicit charset is now chosen
    from a list of Linux-compatible charsets.  
    For instance:
      en_US -> ISO-8859-1
      ja_JP -> EUC-JP
      zh_TW -> Big5

  - Added support for the charsets GEORGIAN-PS, PT154, and TIS-620.

  - Support for various locale modifiers to switch charsets as on
    Linux (@euro, @latin, @iqtelif).

  - Default charset in the "C" or "POSIX" locale has been changed back
    from UTF-8 to ASCII, to avoid problems with applications expecting a
    singlebyte charset in the "C"/"POSIX" locale.  Cygwin still uses
    UTF-8 internally for filename conversion in this case.

  - LC_COLLATE, LC_MONETARY, LC_NUMERIC, and LC_TIME localization is
    enabled via Windows locale support.  LC_MESSAGES is enabled via a
    big table with localized strings.

  - fnmatch(3), regcomp(3), regexec(3) calls are now multibyte-aware.

  - printf(3), wprintf(3) families of functions now handle the grouping
    flag, the apostrophe "'", per POSIX-1.2008.  The integer portion of
    the result of a decimal conversion (%i, %d, %u, %f, %F, %g, %G) will
    be formatted with thousands' grouping characters according to the
    locale settings.

  - strftime(3), wcsftime(3), and strptime(3) now handle the E and O
    format modifiers to print/scan alternative date and time
    representations or to use alternative digits in locales which
    support this.  Additionally these functions now also support the
    padding modifiers '0' and '+', as well as a field width per

  - New strfmon(3) call.

- Support open(2) flags O_CLOEXEC and O_TTY_INIT flags.  Support fcntl
  flag F_DUPFD_CLOEXEC.  Support socket flags SOCK_CLOEXEC and
  SOCK_NONBLOCK.  Add new Linux-compatible API calls accept4, dup3, and
  pipe2.  Support the signal SIGPWR.

- Enhanced Windows console support.

  - The console's backspace keycode can be changed using 'stty erase'.

  - Function keys send distinguished escape sequences compatible with
    rxvt.  Keypad keys send distinguished escape sequences, xterm-style.

  - Support of combining Alt and AltGr modifiers in console window
    (compatible with xterm and mintty), so that e.g. Alt-@ sends ESC @
    also on keyboards where @ is mapped to an AltGr combination.

  - Report mouse wheel scroll events in mouse reporting mode 1000 (note:
    this doesn't seem to work on all systems, assumedly due to driver
    interworking issues).  Add mouse reporting mode 1002 to report mouse
    drag movement.  Add mouse reporting mode 1003 to report any mouse
    movement.  Add focus event reporting (mode 1004), compatible with
    xterm and mintty.

  - Add escape sequences for not bold (22), not invisible (28), not
    blinking (25) (compatible with xterm and mintty).

  - Support VT100 line drawing graphics mode in console window
    (compatible with xterm and mintty).

- Handle native DOS paths always as if mounted with "posix=0,noacl".

- Handle UNC paths starting with slashes identical to /cygdrive paths.
  In other words, use the /cygdrive mount flags for these paths as well.

- Recognize NWFS filesystem and workaround broken OS call.

- New support for eXtensible Data Record (XDR) encoding and decoding, as
  defined by RFCs 1014, 1832, and 4506.  The XDR protocol and functions
  are useful for cross-platfrom data exchange, and are commonly used as
  the core data interchange format for Remote Procedure Call (RPC) and NFS.

- Add a few CPU flags for newer CPUs in /proc/cpuinfo.


- Fix a security problem in the execvp, execlp, exexvlp functions which
  erroneously allowed to start an application from the current working
  directory, even if that directory was not in $PATH.

- Handle file attributes for drive root directories correctly, even if
  the drive is inaccessible by the current user.

- Avoid incorrect results of access(2) function in some cases after
  switching the user context.

- Relax access permissons when opening directories via opendir() to allow
  successful usage of dirfd() from applications.

- Avoid overly agressive appending of .exe suffix when renaming Windows

- Make cygdrive directory readable for everyone in fstat() call.

- Fix some hangs and a potential crash using pipes and FIFOs.

- Fix various problems with pthreads.

- Make sure execption handler chain is still functional after calling

- Fix an allocation bug in regtool which made the tool mostly

- Fix multiple socket problems:

  - Potential blocking of non-blocking sockets.
  - Non-working renaming of AF_UNIX socket files.
  - Using MSG_PEEK on UDP sockets leads to data loss.

- Fix multiple problems in process startup:

  - Globbing when called from a native Win32 process doesn't work.
  - Incorrect order of desctructor calls at process exit leads to crashes.
  - Shared memory is not correctly guarded against parallel process

- Fix multiple problems in setuid/seteuid:

  - Permission problem after user context switch.
  - setuid/seteuid to an administrator account on Vista and later uses
    the non-elevated token if UAC is enabled, thus performing admin tasks
    from a remote session isn't possible.
  - Wrong usage of a registry key results in not loading the user profile.
  - Cygwin neglects to use the localized name for the "BUILTIN" group.

Have fun,


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