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Re: git stopped working with 1.7.1

Hi Brian,

I had the same issue, lets see if my cause is your cause too.

After I've replaced(or removed!) %windir%\system32\cygz.dll with the newer
one in Cygwin, git worked well. Perhaps I've manually copied an
older cygz.dll to there sometimes ago.....I can't remember.

Some sub-commands of git like git-upload-pack tries to load a
wrong/conflicting version of dll from somewhere.

Note that I have the registry value to allow "loading DLL from the same
directory preceding the path" but %windir%\system32 is always the first in
the PATH environment variable.



Kevin Layer wrote:
> Brian L. <> wrote:
>>> From this thread I gather that little or no progress has been made on
>>> addressing the root cause of this issue. It still seems to be broken
>>> with the latest 1.7 series packages.
>>> What is the proper method for getting this bug in front of the guys
>>> who maintain the openssh package? The cygwin website suggests that the
>>> mailing list is the proper channel, but it doesn't seem like anyone's
>>> seriously looking into this as an openssh issue.
>>> It's clearly affecting more than a few users and the workaround, while
>>> reliable, is quite lame. Can this please get a little bit more
>>> priority?
> and another month goes by...
> If there is work going on behind the scenes, it would be nice to hear
> from the developer(s) working on it.
> If it is not being worked on... I agree with Brian.  This is a serious
> impediment to using Cygwin 1.7.  I would think it would be of top
> priority.
> Thanks.
> Kevin
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