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Re: 1.7 setup.exe overwrites softlink for home

On Apr  6 15:54, Tim McDaniel wrote:
> Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> >Peter Wohlers wrote:
> >>Since upgrading to 1.7, I keep seeing weird problems with deletion
> >>of my homedir symlink.
> >>
> >>Before running setup:
> >>pwohlers@h1n1 ~
> >>$ ll /
> >>[...]
> >>lrwxrwxrwx   1 Domain Users     18 2010-04-04 14:31 home ->
> >>/cygdrive/d/Users/
> >>[...]
> >>After running setup:
> >>[...]
> >>Setup seems to have deleted the softlink for /home
> >
> >Well... yes.  That's probably a bit unfortunate.  The current mechanism
> >always creates a couple of directories if they don't already exist:
> >
> ...
> >  /home
> ...
> >If the directory couldn't be created because a non-directory file
> >uses the same name, it deletes that file and tries to create the
> >directory again.  It's not perfect, but at least we know that the
> >directories exist, afterwards.  We could add a mode which drops the
> >aggressive creation strategy, but I only see that *could* make sense
> >for home.
> Um, so I suppose it's doing a test for symlinks specifically.  Why not

There's no such test.  Setup is a native Win32 application, not a
Cygwin application.


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