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Re: qt3 silently fails to install?

On Mon, 5 Apr 2010, Dave Korn <> wrote:
On 05/04/2010 21:03, Tim McDaniel wrote:

I don't know of anything that I have installed that uses qt3* -- at
least, I suppose that setup.exe would have complained if any Cygwin
package needed it, and surely it's unlikely that anything outside
Cygwin would need it.  So I may just remove both and leave them
uninstalled.  Still, I thought I should report this oddity.

(While I'm here: out of curiosity, why does qt3's description say
"(sources)" when the "Bin?" box is checked?)

The whole thing is a known glitch that arises with dummy empty "meta-packages" (qt3 is one, gcc4 another) that are used to pull in a group of packages as a whole through their dependencies. It can be ignored; it does nothing and has no effect, so just leave it there and you'll be fine. It's not even actually installing anything repeatedly.

Thank you for the information. Since nothing appears to depend on qt3 on my system, I will probably uninstall qt3 and qt3-doc just to clear out the annoying message.

Tim McDaniel,

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