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Re: cygintl-8.dll was not found

On 05/04/2010 15:40, wefwef wefwef wrote:

> Do you think it should pay attention to the existing installation when
> it is downloading to an entirely different directory to create an
> entirely separate installation? 

  That isn't how local package cache dirs work.  The purpose of setup.exe is
to install and subsequently update your installation.  The package cache dir
is just a cache dir, it does not determine which installation you are
referring to and changing the package cache dir does not mean that you are
trying to create a new installation.  It just means that you are trying to
create a new package cache dir to work with your existing installation.

> The cygwin setup program has some obvious gui design flaws - a two
> year old can see that. It is a disaster from a usability point of
> view.

  Abusive name-calling is not a bug report.  You're just in a bad mood and
taking it out on the mailing list.

> I found it anything but deterministic, producing different results
> almost every time I ran it. 

  In between every time you ran it, you changed things.  Of course it
responded differently.  You never actually did the exact same thing twice.

> That means the it's either got bugs, or
> it's so badly designed that mistakes are almost inevitable, either way
> it's a fault with the installer.

  No, the fault is with you for making guesses at what it does and blaming
everyone else when you turn out to be wrong.  Seriously, your assumption that
changing the local package dir is something you do in order to "create an
entirely separate installation" is a fiction, entirely ungrounded in anything
the documentation claims, and it is the root fallacy that is the cause of the
disconnect between your expectations and reality.

  Once you have discarded that mistaken assumption, everything else will make
more sense to you.

  No log files, I notice.


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