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Re: cygintl-8.dll was not found

On 05/04/2010 13:43, wefwef wefwef wrote:

> No, I was advised to do this to get round a nasty bug in the installer.

  No, you were advised to do this to work around the fully correct behaviour
of the installer in that it pays attention to your existing installation when
you run it, exactly like it is supposed to.  Your persistent misdescription of
"not behaving how I hoped it would despite the behaviour I hoped for not being
documented anywhere" as a "bug" is egregious.

> I suppose in your world, it's impossible that the installer has bugs,
> or usability problems as it quite clearly does.

  You have asserted this, but failed to show it so far.

> So based on the fact that it worked ok  for you, then the installer
> has no problems at all, and any problems anyone has with it is the
> fault of the user. Wow, that's a very simplistic view of software you
> have.

  It's pretty deterministic.  If it behaves differently for you as it does for
me, that's because there is something different either in the procedures we
followed or in the environment on the machines that we are following those
procedures on.  This is why absolutely fully-detailed step-by-step
descriptions are essential.

> Dave, I gave you the full description, 

  Let me enumerate the points you missed then:

> This is what I did:
> renamed my current cygwin install directory to fool setup.exe into
> thinking it was a new installation
> ran setup, selected download without installing, from
> I left everything on default, and selected additionally vim, openssh,
> 7z, ping and rsync, by changing to the full view, and searching for
> the packages
> The download came to 86.4 MB (90,671,910 bytes)

1.  Didn't mention what you did with the package directory.  You've told me
that now, but you still haven't told me when you deleted it in relation to
that sequence of operations described above.

2.  Didn't mention any of the directory names you were using or the me
only/all users settings.

> I then zipped up the download, and copied it over to the computer I
> wanted to install it on.
> unzipped, ran setup on the remote pc, changed from default to install
> in the top left to install everything, and then installed.
> It all looked fine, when I clicked on the cygwin icon on the desktop,
> I got the libintl8 error.

3.  Didn't explain which directory you zipped up, or what the directory
structure was on the machine you transferred it to.
4.  Didn't mention any of the directory names you chose in setup.exe.
5.  Didn't mention selecting "install from local package directory" or other
install mode.
6.  Didn't mention the all-users/me-only setting.

> After the missing libintl8 error, I went through exactly the same
> process again, and this time it downloaded only 26.6 MB (27,915,820
> bytes). When I copied that over to the remote pc and tried to install,
> the installer program displays the 'message no packages found' in the
> top left.

7.  No details of how or whether you uninstalled the earlier attempt and/or
the local package directory it left and/or wiped or reinstalled the whole PC.

> Dave, I don't need your kind of help thanks.

  Actually, someone who can be bothered to take a couple of hours of their own
time to set up some virtual machines, reproduce the technique you're
attempting and verify that it can be done, then try and figure out what the
differences are between what he did and what you did, is exactly the kind of
help you need.

  Now, let's have a look at the logs: we'll need /var/log/setup.log and
/var/log/setup.log.full files from the destination machine, please, and on the
source machine they should be in whereever you left the local package
directory.  It may still be possible to reconstruct what went wrong.


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