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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: cygwin-1.7.3-1

On 05/04/2010 08:42, Rurik Christiansen wrote:

> I am fairly new at this. I've installed 1.7.1 but:
> * How do I know what the current release is ? (e.g. is there something
> like /etc/redhat-release or whatever ? The docs mention /var/log/setup
> ... but is not clear at all)

  The current release is always listed at the front page of

  It's also possible to remotely invoke the package-search from the website,
using "cygcheck -p", so you can get a list of the versions available upstream
like so:

> $ cygcheck -p cygwin1.dll
> Found 3 matches for cygwin1.dll.
> cygwin/cygwin-1.7.1-1   The UNIX emulation engine
> cygwin/cygwin-1.7.2-2   The UNIX emulation engine
> cygwin/cygwin-1.7.3-1   The UNIX emulation engine
> $

  And you can find the version you have currently installed locally like so:

> $ cygcheck -cd cygwin
> Cygwin Package Information
> Package              Version
> cygwin               1.7.3-1
> $ 

> * What is the proper upgrade procedure ?

  Run setup.exe again, in "install from internet" mode (or if you wish, run it
twice, first in download-only mode, then in install-from-local-directory mode;
makes no real difference).  It will automatically update any packages that you
already have installed to any newer versions that are available, so the base
"cygwin" package containing the DLL will get updated; basically, you just need
to keep clicking "Next" all the way through and leave the settings unchanged
and you'll get an update, because that's setup.exe's default behaviour.


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